C L A R I T Y   C E N T E R

                  for A New Way

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The purpose of A NEW WAY is to provide an opportunity for as many people as possible to reclaim their ability to think clearly and make excellent choices for themselves and our world. Through individual consultations, classes, Listening Support Groups, workshops and retreats people of all ages are assisted to learn and practice the tools of The Clarity Process and the Art of Listening.  People of all ages, backgrounds and heritages are welcome; we seek to be inclusive rather than exclusive or dogmatic.

Our intent is to facilitate communication and cooperation between groups of individuals in organizations and businesses, as well as in personal relationships with partners, family and friends. We teach the process of deep listening and encourage the release of emotions in an atmosphere of respect and confidentiality. We assist people to reconnect to their natural and appropriate expression of emotions. We further support people to take leadership in their lives and communities and to use The Clarity Process insights and information in whatever way touches their hearts.

We are dedicated to holding space for listening and speaking with each other respectfully. There is a gift exchanged when we listen to one another from our hearts, a rhythm of giving and receiving. You speak, I listen. You listen, I speak. And so it goes and we notice how the quality of listening and attention connects us and heals us.

We co-founded Clarity Center for A New Way with Rebecca Lowe and Julee Clear in 2009.  ClarityCenter.org is a non-profit organization, to perpetuate our work in supporting and mentoring people and to provide an umbrella for more people to participate together in this endeavor to reach a wider community.

We are elders now and have hopefully passed much of what we have learned to this collaborative effort which includes a community of people who have practiced with us for a long time, as well as, new people. We support a process of active listening that allows for meaningful change and the honoring of the deeply held wisdom of each individual.

We have embraced the original purpose of A NEW WAY since 1986, and now want to assist in shaping the current environment for the future. It may be that the fate of the world is dependent on our being able to listen to each other well and to release the tension that we carry within us and reach for each other to find connection and solutions. We all live and will die with things unfinished around us, so we plant seeds to be harvested in the future. We can also enjoy good lives now, being pleased with how we show up in our relationships and in the world.

We did not originally intend to create a community, however, a community of people has developed who respect each other and who are practicing the art of listening to change their lives and the world around them - one person at a time.

With their permission, we are honored to participate in each persons’ life. A humble thank you for our opportunity to love so many people is offered with deep gratitude.

                                               Linda and Michael