The Clarity Process


The Clarity Process is a set of insights and information offered for your consideration. The process is respectfully taught in a series of classes mainly through our non-profit organization, Clarity Center for A New Way.

The information is shared with the intent that people can reconnect to their  natural innocence and ability to appropriately express emotions and clear out baggage/patterns from the past that get in the way of making good decisions. These patterns, developed over many years, can keep us trapped, rigidly making the same mistakes over and over. We continue to be harsh, disrespectful and relentless with ourselves and others.

In various classes we learn to benefit from The Clarity Process℠ as we:

  1. Connect and reduce the fear we have of authentically connecting with others.

  2. Develop skills in really listening to others (as well as ourselves) and in turn learn to share and be confidentially listened to without advise or interruption.

  3. Reclaim a sense of our basic creativity/joy/enthusiasm before we were confused or hurt and discouraged, often unawarely, by our families, society and institutions of our culture.

  4. Reduce stress, tension and ‘thaw’ out our feelings that may hold our best thinking trapped and rigidly in place.

  5. Practice building skills as we use the information offered, take what is useful.

  6. Reconnect to the natural and appropriate expression of emotions.

  7. Reclaim flexibility, clarity, creativity and build self-confidence.

  8. Develop listening partnerships with others so that we listen and share equally and create a confidential support system.

  9. Unlearn rigid societal conditioning that does not support respect or cooperation with others, especially those that are perceived differently.

  10. Reclaim our authentic voice and personal power that we may have thought was gone forever.

The Clarity Process

Is not professional therapy, we attempt to be authentic, mentors and models for people in the use of this process in our daily lives. Although the process is therapeutic, it is a peer-process. Most people do not change as quickly as they would like. However, with willingness and practice life can change in wonderful ways. As we gain understanding, process our emotions, develop clarity and learn to take care of ourselves, we notice that we have the ability to interact respectfully with other people and will naturally seek cooperation with people in our expanded world.


The Clarity Process

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