The Clarity ProcessSM

The Art of Listening

The purpose of A NEW WAY is to provide people with an opportunity to be listened to deeply in order to heal old wounds, and to reclaim the ability to think clearly. Once people begin to release emotions from confusing or painful life experiences and events they often can begin to make excellent and respectful choices for themselves in the present. Their relationships can improve as they begin to understand why people do unkind things and hold learned prejudices from our families, communities and culture. Our stewardship of the Earth and all its life forms are also enhanced as we gain awareness of our connection to all of Life.

Utilizes the tools & information of
The Clarity ProcessSM to inform our individual practice and life by
integrating the skills developed known as ‘the Art of Listening’.

Doing their personal work and being deeply listened to, as well as processing, learning and practicing the tools of The Clarity ProcessSM, Linda Bedre-Vaughn and Michael Vaughn have turned listening into an “art form”.

‘The Art of Listening’ is one of deep listening which allows “the other” to tell their stories, share and access their pain or triumphs and release any painful content thus reclaiming their natural, expression of healing emotions and gaining clarity.

People are listened to with — appreciation, awareness, interest, delight, encouragement, compassion, and non-judgmental attention (no advice). Aware listening in turn allows one to share more deeply thus, having an opportunity to release and re-access some of life’s most painful happenings.

Or, celebrating and appreciating those times of great joy, as well as learning to connect with one’s own kindness, creativity, wisdom and other inherent capabilities.

The Clarity ProcessSM developed from the fundamental ideas gleaned from many references and the life experiences of Linda Bedre-Vaughn and Michael Vaughn. We believe that an individual, given undivided, non-judgmental attention by an engaging and aware, compassionate person, can safely process and clear up difficult feelings related to life experiences. This happens as people are listened to respectfully and confidentially.

When we are not listened to quietly and calmly – moments after a trauma or hurt occurs – the emotions are usually stored in the body to resurface in disguise at some other time. The feelings get attached to many areas of life that do not make sense once we process and re-access the memory. Many people have accumulated a backlog of experiences to be healed. Most of this history has never been talked about nor have the emotions attached to the material been fully processed and healed. This material often impacts our life on a daily basis and its hidden impact is not realized in all areas of one’s life.

Almost 40 years ago Linda and Michael started using and teaching The Clarity ProcessSM. They formally came together in 2002 at A NEW WAY to focus their energies on expanding the interest of people who wanted to learn how to listen well and improve their own lives too. Today thousands are using The Clarity ProcessSM in some way to affect change in their daily lives, relationships and often the world.

Currently, at A NEW WAY the focus for Linda and Michael is primarily to facilitate individual and couples’ sessions most often virtually. They traditionally work by referral.

Most of the people we work with usually want to learn how to listen and share with their partners, children, extended families, colleagues and others in their life. The process is used in private work and listening skills can be learned that way, however time is limited because people are focused on processing their personal lives. It is best to take a class.

As people are listened to in their private work they begin to learn and see the value in learning how to listen well.

Additional support is offered for those who want to create a peer network of listeners and deepen their listening practice and insights using The Clarity ProcessSM information. Opportunities are available for facilitated monthly or weekly Listening Circles.

We work with individuals or couples from all walks of life — ages, uniquenesses, differences, cultures, backgrounds. We seek to be respectful and inclusive, as well as cultivate meaningful relationships of all kinds. We listen using the tools of The Clarity ProcessSM and the attention and skills of ‘the Art of Listening.’

In a private session, people are encouraged to learn how to release their emotions in an atmosphere of respect and confidentiality. When humans are listened to well, they naturally heal from wounds of all sorts – many of which are unintentional.

People are supported to reconnect to their natural and appropriate expression of emotions, including anger. Most people are encouraged to take leadership in their lives and communities and to use The Clarity ProcessSM insights and information in whatever way touches their hearts; we encourage all who come  to:

— Listen deeply and often!

Our intent is to facilitate connection, communication, cooperation, respect, understanding, honesty and integrity between people in personal, work and intimate relationships. People are also supported in maintaining personal integrity with one’s self. Often individuals discover they are able to heal areas in their lives that might not be working well. They learn to put self-care as a priority and still make a commitment to do the things one wants in the world.

In our sessions each person also has an opportunity to unlearn racism, sexism and other prejudices that most humans carry from our various cultures. Almost all of us have been hurt because of some arbitrary feature of our being human and each human is uniquely different!

Linda and Michael

Linda Bedre-Vaughn and Michael Vaughn


They speak – you listen. They listen, you speak. . . And so it goes! One can notice how the quality of listening and attention connects us and heals us. (Sometimes a timer helps, awkward at first and it helps assure each person gets heard and one person does not dominate the time).

People learn to use The Clarity ProcessSM in all kinds of relationships, and as peers they learn how to take turns in listening to each other, giving no feedback or interruption. — Thus as understanding and respect grow – we often become more kind and cooperative.