These guidelines are to assist in creating and maintaining a safe space for participants & facilitators, especially when we meet in Listening Circles or other group activities. Many of the guidelines also refer to private sessions whether in person or virtually. Thank you for making our time together more productive.



The Clarity ProcessSM works best when all people who attend a class, workshop, Listening Circle or event -whether virtual or in person agree to keep anything said in class or within the sessions, completely confidential. This agreement is a requirement for participation in any gathering. This means not talking about, sharing your feeling about what another person said or referring to what is said to anyone else or especially to the person who shared. Feedback is not usually welcome.


We strive to treat everyone with respect, whether online or in person to allow that each person is heard before others speak a second time, differences are honored and accommodated as needed. We ask that participants be aware of physical space and respect each person’s boundaries, ask before hugging, watch voice tone and sarcasm which can creep in as ‘humor’. Feelings are welcomed and we take care not to invalidate people or groups of people. Be comfortable and take care of yourself, we want to be flexible and still provide a safe structure of all participants.


DO NOT USE MOOD ALTERING SUBSTANCES OR ACTIVITIES – Mood altering substances and activities (tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, work, exercise, sex, sugar, electronics/computer, etc.) can inhibit the ability to fully use The Clarity ProcessSM. Substances/some activities interrupt the ability to think clearly and often contribute to other challenges in our larger life, especially when done compulsively.


Many people are extremely sensitive to chemical fragrances and with everyone’s cooperation this guideline means more people can participate with comfort and full attention. Some things to avoid: cologne, perfume, lotions, all scented hair products, (sprays/gels) shaving lotion, smoke, laundry aids – soap, scented detergents/fabric softeners/dryer sheets. If it smells, don’t wear it on your body or your clothes. Read labels.


The primary activity of participants in The Clarity ProcessSM Classes/Groups is one of learning how to listen deeply and at the same time being heard, learning how to express and encourage emotional release, and further, fostering the development of supportive and mutual listening partnerships within the framework of the time allotted for mutual sharing. Please focus on building support, not socializing.

We suggest that you do not create or engage in other relationships – such as romantic, business, networking of any kind or friendships with people met for the first time in the classes/groups. We can learn how to be connected and supportive within the context of a listening partnership. This will keep our time together safe, clear, free of extraneous expectations, more productive and long lasting.