What is The Clarity ProcessSM

The Clarity ProcessSM is a set of insights and information offered for your consideration and healing. The information is shared with the intent that humans can reconnect to their natural innocence and ability to appropriately express emotions and be able to think clearly. We release and often heal patterns from the past that get in the way of making good, sound decisions and being close and respectful to others. These patterns, developed over many years, can keep us trapped, confused and rigidly making the same mistakes over and over. We often continue to be harsh, disrespectful and relentless with ourselves and others – especially ourselves and sometimes our children – even with the best of intentions.

In private sessions and Listening Circles, it is possible for each person to learn to benefit from The Clarity ProcessSM by:

  • Reducing the fear we often have of authentically connecting with others.
  • Developing skills in really listening to others (as well as ourselves) and, in turn, learning to share and be confidentially listened to without advise, rejection or an ‘inappropriate’ interruption.
  • Reclaiming a sense of our basic creativity/joy/connection/ enthusiasm for life/compassion/cooperation/and intelligence and self confidence — before we were confused, hurt or discouraged. And before we were indoctrinated into parts of society and some of the institutions of our culture of conformity — resulting in loss of identity.
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and ‘thawing’ out our feelings that may hold our best thinking trapped and rigidly in place. We often do the same things over and over expecting different results.
  • Practicing the building of skills as we use the information and tools offered, taking what is useful for us at the time.
  • Reconnecting to the natural and appropriate expression of emotions.
  • Developing listening partnerships with others so that we both listen and share equally, create a reliable and confidential support system, and learn the concept of taking turns.
  • Unlearning long held rigid societal conditioning such as racism, classism, and sexism – that do not support respect or cooperation with others perceived differently. We can heal the divisiveness and create solutions to many of the immediate challenges presented to us if we listen and cooperate with each other.
  • Reclaiming our authentic voice and personal power that we may have thought was gone forever.

The Clarity ProcessSM is currently taught in a series of classes by people who worked with Linda and Michael for over 10 years. They learned the information, developed their listening skills and continue to practice The Clarity ProcessSM in their lives. They are now certified facilitators. A decision was made to form a separate, collaborative endeavor and operate under the name: ListeningwithClarity.com.

You can find introductions, information on classes, support groups, as well as schedule private sessions with any of the facilitators. They teach classes, see people privately and facilitate groups. Our colleagues website: ListeningWithClarity.com.

The Clarity ProcessSM is not professional therapy; we are facilitators, mentors and offer a model to assist people in using this process in their daily lives. Although the process is very therapeutic, it is essentially a peer-process, one that anyone can learn, practice and use to enhance their lives and relationships.

We use these tools in private sessions thus modeling some of the basics of The Clarity ProcessSM. It is not necessary to take a class to have individual sessions with us.

With willingness and lots of practice, life can change in wonderful way as each person is more and more able to:


  • Process emotions
  • Develop clarity
  • Gain personal understanding
  • Learn to take care of themselves
  • Make decisions and follow through
  • Interact more respectfully with others
  • Naturally seek cooperation with others in an expanded and beautiful world.
  • Notice communication skills and outcomes change in their relationships with their children of any age, as well as adult.